Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Wee Experiment ...

Learning to Blog

The last time I attempted a Blog, I spent days setting it up but forgot the URL and never saw it again ... Google+ would never allow this to happen ... Google+ knows who I went to Primary School with ... and what the middle name of my first female womb fruit is ... this Blog will follow me FOREVER ... Hence, I must get it right and will be fiddling and faffing for a few days ... will get the Blog up and running properly soon.

Features I intend to have on my Blog: 
- Books I'm promoting
- Services I will provide and the costs associated with those services
- Tips and tools of the trade
- Networking links

If there is some service you believe a Minion should provide for the authors', please contact me via the nifty contact form to the right ... actually ... if you could send me a nice smiley face via the form, that would be great ... I need to test out the settings ;)